The beginning..

“What are you good at?” he asked.

“Going after what I believe in.” she said timidly!

That was the only possible reply she could think of. Afterall she had spent her life in pursuit of what she believed in!!right?? The only problem was that she believed in something different every day!!

Let your inner peace be the guiding torch in finding the purpose of your life!” He said. Understanding her timid confidence in her own self worth.he looked at her with assurity in his eyes.he knew his words are making her more confused every passing second. He stayed indifferent to that.he wanted to pass his wisdom onto this young,naive girl who is clearly gifted by universe itself but in need of a guidance.

“Make a stop at a place where your heart connects and you feel that peace..and that “click”!”he said with his eyes fixed onto horizons.

“Breath in every ounce of that moment…dedicate yourself in that moment…immerse yourself in that place where your heart has found that connection and bask in the glory of that “new you”!!” A faint smile lingering on his lips.

“N move onto the next phase of journey of your life!” He continued. “Walk on that path of finding that “click”of your heart again…and keep doing the addition of newer versions of yourself in you!!”his honey melted voice filled her whole existence. He seemed to be clearly connected to the universe itself.she thought.

But her heart is filled with doubts now more than ever. She looked at him with questions filled in her eyes. Bt she waited patiently for him to finish.

“Do not get dishearten or restless if you dont feel that stop. Just wait till you r able to see in the faint and dull light of your inner torch and start walking again…till you feel that peace in the blinding light of your clearity!!” His voice echoed in that garden.

“but what if i am never able to find tht connection ever?she talked to herself but clearly lacking courage to ask him.

But assurity was radiating from him.n that soothed her somehow,convincing her to atlist try to walk on the said path for a while.n she decided to leave from there untill next time..!!

Shape perspective

SCENE 1:             ” shouldnt touch anything and sit in that corner please!! Why wouldnt you listen to me????”my frustrated angry mom s voice echoed in my 10 year old ears. N blood started boiling in my vains. I was soo enraged that my own mom is asking me not […]

Shape perspective

Shape perspective

 SCENE 1:            

” shouldnt touch anything and sit in that corner please!! Why wouldnt you listen to me????”my frustrated angry mom s voice echoed in my 10 year old ears. N blood started boiling in my vains. I was soo enraged that my own mom is asking me not to hug her just because i am menstruating!!! For a 10year young girl,bleeding from her privates is anyways confusing! I ran from there and in a rebellious child mode,i touched eveything that came in my way!!! You know..i didn know any other way to show my disagreement amd the hurt i felt!! 

” Beta..please dont come in the kitchen till you are stopped bleeding and wash your hair when your periods are stopped and yeah..also make sure that u sit amd sleep on that mattress only!!!! Also dont go near “kanhaji”!  If you touch anything,uhave to wash it throughly!!! ” my sasuma said.

I hear d sound of familiar blood boiling in my vains! I felt like i was some kind of a dirtbag.   I could hear my heart is beating against ribcage out of anger. I could feel the pinch of that familiar hurt for thousandth time!!  I made an excuse politely and went away just to hide my stigma! 

Isnt ds a story of every indian woman s life?? 

As a child i ws lucky enough that my mother understood the social stigma associated with this and gave me a complete freedom to accept my menstruation which ultimately helped me to accept my womanhood!  Although My mother in law did struggled with the idea of breaking the so called rituals..but at the end she still accepted my “free period”!

In our country,so many misbeliefs are forced onto the woman in the name of a ritual without understanding the spiritual reason behind it. And that adds the emotional struggle in a woman s life!isnt it? We follow what our mothers have taught us…and our mothers had done what their mothers have taught them! Isnt it already enough now???

 What if we, as a 21st century woman,actually understands the reason behind these and free our daughters from the stigma of menstruation! What if we mothers,create the environment where our daughters can easily talk with the male member of their family about their menstrual pain and struggle? 

What if we make our home environment supportive where everyone can understand how much emotionaly overwhelmed a woman is when we are menstruating and hence,depression amd aggression that comes with “those days”…can b easily faught!! 

I think its high time to shape our perspective and celebrate the menstruation days rather than making it a taboo to talk about.

lets accept our womanhood and turn ” those days” simply into just menstruation days..loud and clear!!